About us

The Manheim Dealer 2 Dealer team is made up of automotive industry veterans. Together, we have more than 100 years of industry experience, in both online retail and wholesale solutions.

Dealer 2 Dealer is an online marketplace where dealers can buy, sell and trade wholesale inventory directly, dealer to dealer. Dealer 2 Dealer is helping dealerships across the country buy and sell directly with no auction or middlemen fees for greater speed and profit — reducing their expenses, increasing their gross and filling their inventory holes.

Dealers get unlimited visibility into over 1 million retail ready cars, plus services to help them build, expand and leverage direct access relationships with trusted dealers to better serve their customers. Our patent-pending technology helps turn each dealer’s relationship and reputation into a competitive advantage to increase profits.

With Dealer 2 Dealer you will:

  • Easily find the cars you need so you buy quickly, making more money on every transaction
  • Sell vehicles quickly without going to auction, getting higher prices and making more money
  • Make deals, whenever, wherever, with our mobile app
  • Have professional trade desk support who can facilitate buying, selling or trading on your behalf
  • Buy sight unseen with 100% purchase protection available!